Defining What A True Alpha Male Is


To be properly directed in the challenge of becoming the Alpha Male, I must properly define what an Alpha Male is. To start lets list some characteristics that are not Alpha; liar, cheater, wussy, bully, weak, coward, manipulator, and fool.  People with these character traits are clearly not worthy of being looked upon with respect and dignity. Traits that are worthy of respect include, but are not limited to; honest, courageous, brave, level-headed, intelligent, and strong.

American society depicts the ‘alpha male’ stereotype as an arrogant ass-hole who tries to pick fights, beats women, and challenges anything that takes attention away from him. This type of male is actually an Omega Male. Specifically, an Omega Male is a person who boosts himself by putting down others. The Omega Male is mean, spiteful, and overly concerned with proving that he is better.  This type of person will never excel because he is too focused on others to actually improve himself.

A true Alpha Male is the leader, the guy that everyone looks up to. He walks in to a room and receives respect because of the way he holds himself. Back straight, shoulders back, eyes level with other people’s eyes. This posture is not like a peacock showing his feathers, but more like pit-bull that has no other way to walk. The state of being an Alpha transcends posture and is emulated in a firm hand-shake, steady voice, and calm demeanor. A true Alpha is willing to take responsibility for what needs to be done (& follows through entirely); as well as, responsibility for when things go wrong.  A true Alpha is humble. That does not mean submissive, or domesticated, nor anything that implies relinquishing power. To be humble means to not be boastful. If you have a big house, let the house be big by itself, it does not become bigger by boasting about it. An attitude of, “My work speaks for itself.” A true Alpha is also willing to realize his own shortcomings. We all have strengths and weaknesses. By understanding a personal weakness, arrangements can be made to improve or remove it from the equation.   Above all they are a consistent force in the room; ready to do what needs to be done at a moment’s notice. Because when the time comes that everyone else needs direction, the Alpha needs to be on his A-game.


A defining feature of the Ultimate Alpha is control. Many people take that to mean controlling a group or a person. While this is not untrue, the road to Alpha status begins with control of one’s self.

Self-Control must be mastered. A person who is a slave to drinking, pornography, their job, debt, or anything else is not in control of their lives. They are not free to live as they choose. A person who says, “I just could not resist” is being controlled by their desires.

That does not mean it is wrong to enjoy the pleasures of life, but when those pleasures compromise your goals/dreams/established assets, then you are being controlled. Meaning that the pleasure is now the Alpha and you are the Beta.

You cannot navigate a voyage effectively without having a destination. To control one’s life effectively, you must have a goal to work towards. It is much easier to say ‘No’ or ‘Yes’ when you are focused on a goal. Why would you say ‘No’ to a Cheeseburger, and ‘Yes’ to working out, if you do not have the goal of losing that sack of fat attached to your body? Why would an addict say ‘No’ to another hit, if they did not have the goal of stopping their habits? Why would an entrepreneur set out to establish a business if he did not have the goal of being financially independent? Goals give our life direction.

Self-control begins with a commitment to personal goals. If we can control ourselves, and give our own lives direction, then we have ground to stand on when directing others.


The purpose of this website is to unravel the idea of what it means to be an ‘Alpha Male’. Masculinity is a complex idea, covering many areas of application, but my American culture offers no clear definition of what a man is, nor what he should be. In fact, modern America actively encourages young men to act dumb, be weak, and that they be feminine.

The Ultimate Alpha Male is dedicated to the discovering the full meaning of what it means to be masculine. Through this in-depth exploration of varying topics, I hope to provide my readers with a clear understanding of what is means to be a man, how to embrace their own masculinity, and to provide insight so that they may  improve the quality of their own lives.